Pendant Cable Retractable System

Reliable, well proven and remotely controlled retractable hook cable system

Preventing damage during trampling

  • Retractable Hook Cable support system, a must to allow joint military/civil operation when installing a hook cable system, prevents damage on taxiing aircraft and minimizes the wear on the pavement below the hook cable. The raised pendant provides an optimum height above the runway surface for engagements with fighters equipped with tail hook.
  • The system utilizes modern hydraulics for easy installation and maximum reliability. The ATECH retractable mechanisms are installed from ground up or can be fitted into USAF standard BAK-14 cast-in boxes, featuring straight forward upgrade of existing ageing pneumatic installations.
  • Important features include reliable position detection with durable magnetic switches, simple replacement of support blocks, individual health monitoring of each retract mechanism in order to minimize runway down time. Remote control by digital radio alternatively fiber optics with a user friendly ATC interface.

Our Passion

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