Energy Absorbers

The Energy Absorber determines the performance of the system

Complete selection

The Energy Absorber, also called a brake, gear or arresting engine, is the central component of any Aircraft Arresting System. We offer a complete range of brakes for both hook cable systems and net barrier systems, thus offering maximum flexibility to meet customer needs.

Our Energy Absorbers can be installed at surface level, in a set-back configuration or below grade in bunkers (pit) as per FAA and ICAO recommendations, depending on customer requirements.

If the performance requirement is for a certain hook equipped aircraft the USAF standard BAK-12 or the rotary hydraulic WT44 are competitive options. Air Forces looking for the highest possible performance together with maximum flexibility for its hook cable arresting systems should consider our state of the art computer controlled BC11 energy absorber.

The robust WT44 rotary hydraulic type brake is the choice of brake for net barrier applications.

Our Passion

Supplying Air Forces worldwide with proven and reliable Aircraft Arresting Systems, outstanding support and expertise.

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