Rotary Hydraulic Arresting Gear

A robust and reliable work horse - the optimum solution for net barriers

Robust and reliable

  • The WT44 brake concept is a well-proven, robust and reliable brake initially developed by the US Navy. The velocity sensitive brake offers a high energy absorption capacity. The performance is optimized based on computer simulations to match the operational characteristics of the aircraft.
  • The low profile of the brake is minimizes the level of obstruction when installed at ground level. Optional environmental covers are available for protection against rain, sand, wind, snow and UV radiation.
  • In hook cable applications a sprocket assembly and diesel (or electrical) engine tape rewind is standard to pre-tension the pendant cable. An electrical mini-retrieve is offered for rewinding the tape in net barrier configuration.

Our Passion

Supplying Air Forces worldwide with proven and reliable Aircraft Arresting Systems, outstanding support and expertise.

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