Mobile Aircraft Arresting System

Self supporting and rapidly deployed

Rapid deployment at non-prepared sites

  • The US Air Force BAK-12 Mobile Aircraft Arresting System (MAAS) incorporates all the components necessary for a rapid deployment of the system as indicated by events.
  • The MAAS is supplied with all necessary equipment to be installed on a full range of surface conditions.
  • The MAAS is designed to be transported by truck, train, or cargo aircraft.
  • ATECH provides training to achieve minimal installation time under all foreseeable weather and surface conditions.

Depending on configuration and anchoring the MAAS is able to offer the same arresting performance as a fixed BAK-12 system. The modern Deutz diesel/multi-fuel tape rewind engine is standard on the ATECH MAAS.

Our Passion

Supplying Air Forces worldwide with proven and reliable Aircraft Arresting Systems, outstanding support and expertise.

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