Net Barrier

Hydraulic Masts and Arresting Net

Designed to minimize damage to the aircraft and to offer maximum safety for the pilot

Safe backup

  • As a primary catching device for non hook equipped fighters or for redundant safety or as the primary system for non hook equipped fighters. The ATECH BAK-15 arresting barrier consists of an arresting net covering the width of the runway and is kept in place by two hydraulically operated and remotely controlled masts installed on each side of the runway. During an engagement the net envelopes the aircraft, releases from the masts and distributes the braking force generated by the connected energy absorbers.
  • The net barrier system features reliable position detection with durable magnetic switches, modern hydraulic system, remote control via either digital radio or fiber optics and a user friendly interface.
  • The BAK-15 is available in a ramped version when lowered to minimize the obstruction and as a net interconnect configuration offering engagement capability also for hook equipped aircraft.

Our Passion

Supplying Air Forces worldwide with proven and reliable Aircraft Arresting Systems, outstanding support and expertise.

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