Aircraft Arresting Systems

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Aircraft Arresting Systems save lives and protect Aircraft

Runways are equipped with arrestors to safely stop fighter aircraft in case of emergency due to an aborted take-off or a troubled landing.

The task is to catch the fighter and then bring it to a safe stop. This is achieved by installing energy absorbers, also known as brakes, such as the BAK-12 on both sides of the runway shoulders with a hook cable or a net barrier connecting the two energy absorbers.

ATECH’s BAK-14 retractable hook cable system is deployed below the runway surface to prevent damage to the cable, taxiing aircraft and the runway surface during normal runway operations.

Net barrier systems are installed in the overrun area of the runway. These arresting barriers such as the ATECH BAK-15 are installed as primary emergency recovery of fighter aircraft without a tail hook or as redundancy systems for hook-equipped aircraft.

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